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Color: English White WR33
Upholstery: Consort Red+ Seashell
Wheels: 21" Frgd Ful Pol 11Spk wheel RFW


3AH Rear view camera with top view
5DK Side view camera
601 TV Function
609 Navigation system
696 Six-DVD changer
6FL USB & smart phone interface
845 Acoustic Belt Warning
REB Automatic Boot Lid Actuation
IEGL Bespoke Group charge
REL Camera system
B054 Veneered front cupholder lid
B060 S of E Inlay- door cappings
B062 Gold-plated Spirit of Ecstasy
B082 Pers initials-headrests
B129 S of E inlay-Phantom Plate
B136 Illuminated tread plates
B141 White instrument dials
B142 Silver bezel white clock face
B161 Veneered Table Backs-theatre
B177 Full natural grain leather
B183 SoE inlay - picnic table backs
B203 Description pers. tread plate
RS1 Individual Seats
6FH Rear Theatre Configuration
6VC Combox controller
RA2 Vanity Mirrors
RAE Extended Leather Headlining
RAP Veneered Steering Wheel Spokes
RAS Drinks cabinet for Indiv Seat
RAW Drinks Cabinet in rear doors
RE4 Universal garage door opener
REA Rear Opaque Curtains
REM Coolbox for Individual Seats
REP Reversible footrests
RFW 21" Frgd Ful Pol 11Spk wheel
RG5 Rear Privacy Glass
RM3 Visible Exhausts
RP1 Theatre- Individual Seats
RS1 Individual Seats
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